Finance Options

American College of Music
Payment and Financial Options


At ACM, we’re here to help. Investing in your education is furthering your career and enhancing your educational success. The American College of Music offers simple solutions to paying for your higher education regardless of financial circumstances.

Payent Options

Make one payment covering the entire program cost and fees.
(Save $50.00 with ACH Bank Transfer)

Pay program tuition and fees one quarter at a time

Pay program tuition and fees every month. ACM Online has partnered with TFC Tuition Financing to provide our students with customized payment plans to supplement their tuition and fees. TFC offers an excellent opportunity for ACM students to help them finance their tuition and fees at a 3% interest rate, saving thousands of dollars compared to government-secured loans (see Student Loans). ACM students will have a Master’s Degree from the American College of Music with no educational debt at graduation.

Sample of TFC Tuition Financing

Amount Borrowed TermInterest RateMonthly Payments
$9,50015 Months3.0%$578.00
Total Interest Paid$212.76
Total Payments$9,712.76