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ACM Master in Music Education
Questions and Answers

How long does it take to graduate from the Master in Music Ed program?

ACM’s Master in Music Education can be completed in 14 months, including 5, 10-week quarter sessions consisting of at least two classes per quarter (see MME Course of Study for details). The program is designed to give ample time for busy music educators to pursue their careers and, at the same time, obtain academic advancement.

Does ACM accept course credits from other institutions?

Coursework taken at another accredited college will be considered if an equivalent course at the American College of Music (ACM) is required for the Masters in Music Education (MME). The grade on a course already completed elsewhere must be a minimum grade of “B- (80%).” Students must request a transfer credit evaluation from the Office of the Registrar before or during the first quarter of attendance at ACM. No more than 6 graduate semester units or 9 quarter units awarded by another institution may be transferred for credit towards the Masters in Music Education. (See school catalog for details)

Is there financial aid available?

Although ACM does not offer Title IV-federally funded secure loans through the US Department of Education. However, ACM does offer scholarship and payment programs with exceptionally low-interest rates. ACM believes that a graduate degree should not entail extended, life-long debt. See ACM Finance Options.

Why should I enroll at ACM?

We know what it’s like to run rehearsals every day, go to competitions, give concerts, do fundraisers, and try to get an advanced degree. We’ve been there and developed a hands-on, research-based curriculum that will let you become a more effective clinician, communicator, and music educator. We facilitate success!

Does ACM Online Masters in Music Education have any residency requirements?

No. Unlike other online programs, ACM Online Masters in Music Education (MME) does not have residency requirements, saving extra student travel and housing expenses.

Is there any out-of-state tuition charges?

Many state-run colleges and universities charge a non-resident fee.  Since ACM Online is a private, post-secondary institution, it does not charge out-of-state tuition, saving the student in high tuition fees. See our comparison chart on the top-ten online Master in Music Education programs and how affordable ACM is compared to its competitors.

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Education Reimagined

Through the process of teaching and learning, the American College of Music endeavors to achieve the following:

• To assist students in understanding the history, philosophy, and instruction of music.
• To empower students to experience the ineffability of performance, facilitate knowledge acquisition, and recognize the meaning of aesthetics.
• To promote learner-centered pedagogy, critical thinking, and problem-solving as the framework for personal development.
• To create a musical community that is rich with cultural, social, and intellectual diversity.

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