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Many colleges and universities state that their tuition rates are affordable. ACM Online offers affordable tuition rates without going into debt with excessive high-interest student loans. A Masters in Music Education degree from ACM Online can increase a working educator’s salary by an average of $12,000.* After graduating from the 14-month Online program, the Return on Investment (ROI) can be as much as 17% in the first year alone. Learn More about how you can get a substantial raise without educational debt.

*US Department of Labor 2017 + inflation (


Teaching and Learning

“… learning is ultimately a fundamentally human endeavor best accomplished by humans actually interacting with other humans.“*

Teaching and Learning in the online environment are different from traditional face-to-face classrooms. That’s why the ACM Online curriculum has been developed from the ground up with the E-Learner in mind. The online student wants flexibility and diversity in instruction with more interaction and collaboration than boring lectures. They want access to their professors to ask questions and share ideas with prompt feedback. Most of all, E-Learners wish to be in a setting where they can express their creative ideas to solve pedagogical issues, leading to successful teaching outcomes.


*Pearlman, S. J. (2020). America’s Critical Thinking Crisis. The Critical Thinking Initiative., p. 68
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The American College of Music (ACM) was founded by music educators in 2019 and began operations in July 2021. Its primary purpose is to offer a 100% Online graduate education that is accessible, affordable, and academically valued by utilizing student-centered, hands-on instruction. Through teaching and learning, ACM empowers students to develop critical and creative thought as a starting point in acquiring fact-based knowledge, resulting in favorable outcomes and informed solutions. At graduation, each student will be able to live, adapt, and lead in an ever-changing, interconnected world with a desire for life-long learning and independent thought.

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Introduction According to the U.S. Department of Education, the average public college and university graduate tuition rate in the last twenty years (2000-2019) increased 307%, from $4,042 to $12,410 per......

As part of the newly developed educational extension program, ACM is offering an Introduction to Music Theory, MU 101. This course is traditionally taken by first-year college students majoring in music and is now offered to advanced high school and home school students for college credit. Students will have access to the same faculty who teach the graduate program at ACM that have over thirty years of experience in teaching K-12 music education and are credentialed in California, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. ...

Teacher preparedness is a significant issue, especially among new, untenured music educators. A 2011 survey by the US Department of Education reveals that fifty percent of teachers are not prepared to meet the challenges of their profession.[1] Although there have been mitigated attempts to remedy this problem through pre-service and in-service professional development and workshops at the college/university and school district levels, the results have been mixed due to traditional lectures by experts on topics music teachers may have little or no interest in. ...

According to the Wall Street Journal (Rabouin, Dion. July 21, 2022), interest rates are going up in the fall of 2022 due to inflation and institutional market rates. This is the highest increase since 2020 when Subsidized Direct rates were 2.8%. This fall, government-direct subsidized graduate loans will be as high as 7.54%. As a result of the increased interest rate, students will pay as much as $1,500 in interest fees over the next ten years for a $5,000 loan. ...

As a nation, we traditionally honor our military twice a year on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. However, the American College of Music (ACM Online) salutes our military year-round, especially all who serve as instrumentalists and vocalists past and present. ACM now offers any Active Duty Military or Veteran 30% off tuition costs and NO Application Fee....

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ACM’s Curriculum

ACM’s curriculum is designed to give each student flexibility between Core subject matter, Music in other subjects, and Electives, thus the balance between scholarship, research and contextual subject matter. 

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ACM: Scholarship – Research – Life-Long Learning

The purpose of the American College of Music is to provide exceptional graduate education to working music educators via an online environment that strives for the advancement of knowledge, musicianship, and inquiry which encourages diversity of thought.

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    To empower students to experience the ineffability of performance, facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and recognize the meaning of aesthetics.

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